As Joey parked his ice cream truck on the Duck crossing street, he wondered what ingredients he’ll pick for SlayNaya’s dinner tonight. She seemed awfully upset in the morning. He turned on the switch that would ring the bell gathering kids around. How about I bake her a hungry ghost? That’s her favourite. No, we just had it last week. It has to be something special.

“Hey Mister! Can I please have a fudgsicle?” asked a little girl who was busy digging her pockets for money.

Blonde, blue eyes, she looks quite healthy too… two more of these and I can probably make a sizzling savage pie. His mouth watered just at the thought of it. Joey went off on a tangent…that will definitely fix SlayNaya’s mood and maybe she’ll ask me to join her council of advisers. He sprinkled the fudgsicle with a few drops of nidra. That’ll put this little one to sleep just in time before sunset.

The third blonde also had a dog with her which would make a excellent slider. It was time to head home. He packed up and carried the kids one by one to the truck. Joey couldn’t help but grin at his glorious future by SlayNaya’s side. Oh! The power I’ll wield. I’ll have access to all the magic. In a matter of months, I’ll replace SlayNaya and take control over Nastasia… His pupils dilated as he stood lost in utopia.

“Hey Mister! Where are you taking my sister?” questioned a little boy with a stick in his hand threatening to hit Joey.