Hi! I’m Jonah, Nice To Meet You

She could never get used to the cage. Today, Veera was feeling low, she sat in a corner making and breaking water bubbles. The floating cloud on the top of her head let our shrieks of lightening bolts. She’d had enough. If the world is so evil and dark and treacherous why does Mycah get to go out? Why can’t she stay cooped up in a cage like me? Mycah’s just a year elder to me, I don’t have to listen to anything she says, thought Veera and flicked all the water in her hair, flooding the room.

“You’re right. You don’t have to stay inside this pathetic excuse of safety. You’re magical. You belong out there,” said the man who’d worn a colourful shirt. He had long straight hair and a scar painted on his right eye. He swam his way close to the cage.

Is this what evil, dark and treacherous look like? wondered Veera. She stood silent. Since she’d never interacted with anyone except Mycah, Veera didn’t know what to do or say.

“There are others like you, you know? Together you will make a formidable army. You’re so not the one who should be imprisoned, you should be the one putting others in there.” He joined his hands, closed his eyes and slowly parted his palms moving the bars of the cage revealing a gap.

Veera stepped out.