Scott almost walked through the door when he decided to turn around. He kept looking around to check for any familiar faces. What if someone sees me here? Oh God! If only you’d made me cool, I wouldn’t be acting shifty in front of a pawn shop like this. I’ll just go in and be done with it. It’s better than looking like a lonely loser anyway.

As soon as Scott enters, he hides inside the comfort of the closest aisle lest someone spot him and put him in the interrogation chair. Accidentally, he bumps into one of the employees. She looked so pretty, his first instinct is to run but he shouldn't. Her name tag said Brie. Act cool, you idiot. “Could you? Umm… Could you point me? No. What place is this? I thought this is a library. It is… It is, right?” SUCH AN IDIOT. THIS IS WHY YOU’RE NOT COOL.

Brie spoke as if she’d read his mind, “the girlfriend aisle is next to the hamsters,” she rocked her genuine employee smile.

Scott rushed and picked the first catalog he found and ran to the checkout counter. “Find what you came for?” asked Brie as she read the name out loud. “Ellie! She’s a good one. Lot of good reviews. She’ll meet you at the door.”


“Scott! Hi! How are you doing today?” greeted a girl who could have been none other than Ellie. Her energy was 100x more than Scott could ever muster. He smiled back and tried to emulate her vibe.

They spoke for hours as they waked block round block and Scott couldn’t help but observe, “you seem so real. Its really cool.”

“Why do you say that? Why shouldn’t I be? How do you know you’re real?” Ellie asked with a wink.