Of Future Past

She poured oil in the lamp and the wicker burned brighter still. Even the warm glow of the burning lamp couldn’t calm her unease. It was a sign but Myrah wasn’t able to interpret it no matter how hard she tried. She was short on time too, the carnival brought in thrice the number of regular customers. Everyone wanted to know what the future holds, everyone wanted to know how their fate unfolds.

Polishing her globe squeaky clean, Myrah put on her hat and rang the bell signalling her next customer to come in.

The crystal ball showed a flicker of wild green as the customer walked in. That’s unlikely. A young nervous looking teen asked, “how does this work? I’ve never done this before.”

Myrah smiled. So young! How I wish I could be young again.

“Ask a question. Get an answer.”

“That simple?”

“Yep. That simple”

She felt a tinge of weakness. Usually this was cause for concern but she dismissed it as ‘one of those days’ since lots of things were surprising her.

They both pulled up chairs and sat across each other. Myrah placed her palms on the globe, her eyes expecting him to ask any question he seeks an answer to.

“I want to know…” he began “what happened to her who stole my globe?” he said as he grabbed her hand. She raised her eyes to meet his which were now glowing red with rage. The young nervous teen who sat before her was now an old wrinkly evil looking sorcerer whom she’d left to die for good.

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