Pickled Love

“I love you,” Alex said as their lips parted. That’s when she decided to break up with Robb. It was difficult juggling both of them anyway. Both affairs were unfair to begin with, but she didn’t know that they’d work out so well!

Alex was comfort, home. Robb was her dream guy, perfect in every way. She’d always preferred Alex and now that he’d said what she wanted to hear, the long drawn elimination round finally seemed to come to a conclusion.

One of the relationships had to end and since Alex called dibs with ‘I love you’, it had to be Robb. Who knew the heart too worked on a first come, first serve basis?

Not really a first come first serve situation, Robb had always been Plan B, always. Alex was her favourite flavour, Robb on the other hand was the flavour she opted for when Alex wasn’t available. She cared for Robb and respected him for always being there and putting up with her drama.

She had it all planned out. She would ask him to meet some place quiet. Tell him the truth,

  1. She cheated on him
  2. She is disgusted with herself
  3. He deserves better
  4. Walk out while he’s still in shock.

That was her plan: short, swift and neat.

Robb was never late, that was very unlike him. Is everything alright? Why isn’t he answering my calls? He never does that. She was woken out of her stupor by three serenading musicians. A pretty waitress walked in a cake that read ‘BE MINE.’ Followed by her came Robb, dressed in her favourite shirt, ring in hand.

He bowed down to say, “I love you, will you be mine?”