The Mission

“I’m telling you, the guy was a complete stranger, just walked up and gave me the bag,” said Scotty as he kept the suitcase on a table in front of Clarisse and Charles.

“And you took it?” blared Charles.

“I thought it was a drop,”answered Scotty crouching in his seat as he felt intimidated by his father’s sudden outburst.

Charles blasted again, “by a stranger?” Charles was now pacing around the room nervously. He looked so scared and enraged at the same time, Scotty wondered whether he could just run out of there to escape his father’s wrath.

“I thought this was a new system or something,” said Scotty, his volume a decibel below the whisper. Well, he had to say something and this was the cleverest thing he could come up with at such short notice.

Before Scotty could realise that he should have just kept quiet, Charles had turned into a raging bull, “are you dumb? He’s dumb. I told you he’s dumb. You’re dumb. He’s dumb,” Charles repeated as he turned his head like a ping pong ball between Scotty and Clarisse.

“Jeez. Will you stop freaking out? We don’t even know what’s in it,” Scotty shouldn’t have opened his mouth but he did. Clarisse cut in to save him from Charles.

“This has happened before and the consequences were… well, scary enough. Your dad just took a trip to the past.” Clarisse was always the calm one, Charles was her exact opposite.

Charles seemed to be slipping into a stupor, “he’s dumb. You’re dumb. I can’t believe this! My son is dumb!”

“Charles, go get some fresh air. I’ll take care of it,” said Clarisse as she held the door open for him. The matter was a serious one but hot headed Charles was not helping in anyway.

“He’s…” began Charles.

“Yes. Go now!” commanded Clarisse and she never like asking thrice. Clarisse unzipped the bag and with Charles out of the room, Scotty eased up. He loved his aunt, she was always the cool one. His very own idol.

The bag contained a fierce looking wooden mask painted red all over. The paint was rich and fresh, it jumped out of the bag. The mask was a message which meant it’s recipient had to wipe out all of their rival gangs.

“That’s easy. Why did dad over react so much?” asked Scotty stupidly.

“Not really easy. Not just us. By now, every other gang has the same bag, the same mask and the same mission!”