You’ve Got A New Message

Dale hated watching TV, he considered it to be passive and mindless. Why do people waste their time watching garbage which they didn’t even ask for. Why can’t they just go and create things instead? Why consume mindlessly when you can create mindfully?

Yet, here he was glued to the TV like the two bread slices of a grilled cheese sandwich. Dale was switching between news channels, his laptop was open too. He kept refreshing his social media feed every two minutes. Every time his phone ‘ding’ed, his heart skipped a beat. Did they find out it was me?

In front of him was his ninth bowl of popcorn. He kept shoving fistfuls until the previous instalment had successfully made it to his intestines. The intestine looked like pipes. Is that where they got the idea for pipes?


It was a message from Kyle. The notification preview showed the photo attachment. Is this it?

False alarm. Phew. It was just one of those stupid grumpy cat memes. Phew. Dale thrust another fistful of popcorn.

I only did for science purposes. I just wanted to know if I could do it. That’s all. There was no cruel intention behind it. No grudges or anything. I didn’t even know her name. Just curious. It was so thrilling…


This message was from an unknown number and it read,

“If I help you cover up this time, will you do it again?”