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After hefty procrastination and cursing myself for starting a topic that requires me to write a series of blogs, I finally gave in and took out some time this weekend to write on the much-awaited topic, the Open closed principle. For those who have not read my previous article about the 1st SOLID principle please go through it here. Now, a bit about the open-closed principle — This is one principle which if followed properly can reduce development and testing efforts drastically. And there will be a meditation exercise, at last, so keep reading.😉

Uncle Bob added it to the list of design principles which we should consider to make our application ‘solid’, but he was not the one who defined it. It was originally written by Bertrand Meyer in his book Object-Oriented Software Construction. …

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I was recently thinking about Design Patterns, and how it was a big hype some time back. Don’t judge too fast, I am not very old. This is what I figured after reading many old articles on the internet. But nowadays, we, the young generation of Computer Engineers don’t talk much about Design Patterns. I guess it is also not wrong in a way that we have a takeaway option available. Let me elaborate a bit about what I mean by the Takeaway Option.

Previously our elders were forced to cook at home i.e. solve each problem on their own as there were not many solutions available for similar problems. As wise as they are, they decided to make some recipes for us i.e. why to reinvent the wheel if someone somewhere has already solved the problem, this is how the concept of design patterns came into the picture. But it was not enough for our lazy generation, we wanted the option to just place an order and take away the food. And hence came the concept of Frameworks. So all we had to do is to choose the right set of frameworks and make them work i.e. focus only on the business logic. Too easy right? But we don’t always have takeaways available, I think lockdown has taught us this very loud and clear😉 . Also, I think it is never harmful to understand how a framework works underneath to make it work more efficiently. …

Hi All,

I know I write only about technologies, so this time I thought to write something different. Not many people know that I write poetry, or at least try to write some. :)

I was going through my previous notes came across this piece of poetry I wrote 2 years back. Thought to share it with all of you. Please let me know what you think.

PS: Don’t feel pity for me after reading this. :) I am extremely happy being a girl. To be honest, I am proud of it. …

​​You would have already heard about it or already using it. If not, don’t worry, go ahead and read about a very handy tool to run applications within containers.

In this blog, I am going to write about some buzz words related to Docker, and its usage.​

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“It was working fine on my system, I don’t know what happened”

Have you ever given this excuse to your manager, when your application doesn’t work as expected after deployment? Then this is going to be a bad news for you 🤐 Because this can no more be an issue. …

Like many corporates these days, my organization also has a performance review system based on SMART objectives.
So few days back, I set up a few target goals to achieve, that will help in measuring my performance.

A little introduction of myself, I am a full stack software engineer, working in an Indian IT firm in Bengaluru.

Lets start my story about the goal,

One of them was to minimize the work completion time to at least 20%, by utilizing already built automation tools and by building my own tools.

To complete this goal, I started thinking if there is even a slight chance of improvement in all the tasks that we do, in our team or in our
project day to day work. …


Swati Kp

Tech Enthusiast. A poet by heart. Contributing my 2 cents for making this world a smart and better place to live.

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