Back To Square One #OfficeDiaries

It was a usual working day after 4 days off from work and when I went back to work after almost 2 hours of drive thanks to high security checks and diverted traffic because of Republic Day’s rehearsals, what I didn’t expect was to be told to write my first blog for the newest section of our blog, Employee’s Journal, here the employees of the company are suppose to write about their week at work once every week. The purpose of this exercise is to give the virtual place to the employees to vent, talk and flirt (not so much).

The most terrifying thing for me was not that I have to write a blog which I had of course never done before in my life (in fact I have never written a word more than I absolutely have to) but was that when there are other employees in the office why they want to start with me. What’s the deal? For a moment I felt nearly insulted because ironically they are asking that person to write about the week at work who was not even in office more than half a week. I guess my face might have given away the confusing state of my mind and I was told as a way of explanation that since I was away for 4 days and was having fun while others were working their ass off in the office, they wanted me to get back to work and warmed up for the big assignments which are coming ahead by throwing these apparently ‘little’ challenging tasks in my direction. Though it was not easy for me to write which you might know by now but I have worked on some really exciting projects after coming back to the office and quite frankly in the little corner of my heart I was excited to tell you about it and this opportunity to write about my week couldn’t come at the better time even if I won’t say it out loud.

This week apart from some really amazing projects which I can’t talk about much since they are in their infancy stage, I got the chance to conceptualize and plan the first ever coffee-table book for Across The Road with our Social Media manager and it was hell lot of fun. We at ATR are so pumped up and thrilled to get the ball rolling for this that in last 48 hours we didn’t stop talking about it. I would like to conclude that at the start I was not so convinced about the idea of putting the employees under this grilling and gruesome task of writing after the hectic week in office but once I took up this challenge I have to say that I enjoyed it! I don’t know who is up for next week’s journal (God bless their soul), but I am looking forward to this exercise when and as my turn comes again (hope it’s not anytime soon).

By: Bharat Khurana