Ways to incorporate Voice Query in Online Marketing Strategy

Swati Sharma
Oct 18, 2018 · 2 min read

The SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) really plays an important role in better conversations and organic growth of the website. Business takes the shape by how you put them into a flow. To have better conversations and growth of your brand, it is important to take assistance from the top marketing agencies in India so that you just relax while they build your work in the background.

The internet penetration is also increasing rapidly and more than 60% of all searches are already mobile. In 2017, Google revealed that 1 of 5 searches is already voice searches. The rise in internet penetration has really helped in an increase in mobile devices and because of that, the searches and the customers are rising too. Along with the main Google App, peoples are taking help of virtual assistants as well to get their queries resolved. Optimising the SEO strategy will really help you get the best results for your business. The more you plan initially, the better results you will get at the end.

(a) Plan Keywords for better Conversations

When people speak to get the results on Google, they don’t search using the complex keywords, they normally use generic keywords. It is always better to research and use keywords that have the true potential to incorporate with the queries related to the users. By doing so, the conversations will be better and the organic growth of the brand will also increase.

(b) Contextual Relevance Searches

It’s a handy tip to play with Google’s algorithm using the keywords like “what”, “how”, “which”, “why”, “when”, “who” and “where” to get the queries addressed accurately. It is better to plan, research and craft the keywords to using after understanding the pattern, as it is beneficial for both the brand and users.

© Customer Behaviour and Search Patterns

Every brand should understand that more you offer customised products, more the etter engagements will be. It is recommended to offer products after studying the pattern of results and the queries.

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