Website Development- 5 Tips to Boost your Webpage Performance

Swati Sharma
Jan 14, 2019 · 2 min read

Today, be it small scale or large-scale businesses, all of them advertise or promote its products by creating a company’s website. The website does not just help in the faster growth of the business but also provide users a platform to display the benefits, features, as well as the functions of the company’s product. But that one factor which many companies overlook while designing the website is the web page loading time. Developing download time-friendly website is also one of the biggest challenges faced by web page developers these days.

As today is the era of quick updates, same-day deliveries and high expectations, no customer will wait too long for your website to download. Make sure your website doesn’t take more than 10 seconds to load as you can win or lose a customer in a fraction of seconds.

So, in order to give your customers a quality and fast user experience, try out these 5 strategies to enhance your website performance:

Make your website mobile-friendly

Considering the demand and the dominance of the mobile web, it should be the prime concern of all businesses to make their website mobile-first. Rather than coding for desktop, the strategy should be to design your website for mobile users and then boosts the experience for the tablets and desktop users.

To make your website mobile-first, it is suggested to use Google’s Mobile Website Auditor, which is a perfect tool to analyse your website usability on mobile devices. You must also work on your user interface and user experience and optimise it for mobile devices.

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