A tribute to the half life of my former self

Here you are — exposed

Fragments of your ego lay in this familiar place

You pull at it hoping no one notices

When did navigating your way and losing yourself become a functional part of your day to day

Hear me now

I am the weakest parts of your mother and the strongest parts of your father

I am your flaws bloodied and bowed, stretching as far as you can see

Hear me now

Your shortcomings are so sweet they can last forever and still be enough / tell me the secrets you’ve been putting to bed for all these years

How they once called you holy

You wake up feeling

And tomorrow you will feel

And the next day

You will ask meekly

For the world to swallow you up and make you feel pure again

How is truth magenta in the mornings and midnight blue every other time of day

How can I fit the words I want to say in the structure that will reverberate only in the walls of your mind

How can I tie the knots over and over again to bind us for eternity

Hear me now

I will not fight

I am the current that seeks to sweep me away

I am freedom and flow and confusion

I am semicolons and run on sentences

I am asymmetrical and color mixed with light waiting in the shadows

I am balance only in the corners

I taste your name on my lips

But I am not afraid

And you

I am proud of you

You are finally learning

To hold your breathe as the moment passes

You drape your shoulders in possibility




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