Finding Purpose (a series)

Today, I had a great conversation with a good friend. In the rain, we drove to a local Asian Bistro and gabbed and ate for hours. It was one of those summer afternoons that are good for the soul (and for sanity). And the all day Sunday happy hour prices didn’t hurt either. :-)

It wasn’t a venting session; it wasn’t a bashing session; it wasn’t a complaining session. It was just a good time — a reflective, on-time conversation. We discussed our aspirations for our jobs, and ultimately our careers. We discussed how we could be better family members, and how we can be our best selves in our respective romantic endeavors.

We talked about our commitment to growth and humility. We talked about where we each could grow and challenged one another. We talked about socialization of men and women (yes we got deep, lol). We affirmed one another.

And I left feeling full. Feeling fulfilled in that moment — appreciative even. Feeling like I am closer to finding my purpose. Like it’s not some far off, intangible thing I read about or see in movies. But something real. Something that’s being revealed to me.

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