Blog Project #2 and #3

Project #2

Format: Facebook Note

Audience: Young Men

Purpose: To let men know that sometime a woman see in you.

Effectiveness: The Facebook note reaches it purpose. The title comfort shows that meaning to the note. This woman feeling deeply in love with this man but understands that neither one of them are ready to date, again. The quote “..just crushing on man, who still a child in many ways,” shows that she understands his actions. The woman tells the man her feelings, but is also trying to show that she can be friends with him. She is leaving it in the hands of the future to decides on if they will just be friends or more, thus the words “A second chance at love or friendship, who has the right say. But, we leave the future to the future, and see what holds.”

Project #3

Format: Tweet

Audience: College Students

Purpose: Tell college students to never give up on your dreams.

Effectiveness: Connor Manning is YouTuber and does blogs on different matter in life. This tweet “Dress like your dreams are still alive,” is relating to his most recent video in titled “5 ways to feel better.” This tweet has effectively reached it message because it is telling college students that they should dress for their dream. Which means as a college student, we should dress for the goal and keep own main dream in life in front of us. You dress up for different reasons, why not make your dream the reason you dress up in the morning to go to class.

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