Effect of #Salesforce WIT in world of Women!

Salesforce is the #1 crm in the world, a single move by salesforce makes a wave in the whole universe, I’ve been connected to Salesforce for years now, worked with Salesforce geeks, MVP’s, Admins & Developers, learners & Salesforce Architects. For me Salesforce is everywhere now,

Salesforce has given me and many more like me, a great Platform to work, and world class opportunities, but salesforce doesn’t stops here, the power that Salesforce has given to the WIT community is exceptional.

One of the greatest step towards equality by salesforce was when Salesforce spent $3 million to make equal pay. I’ve never heard of this kind of giant move ever by any company.

So as the Joker said “Madness, as you know, is a lot like gravity, all it takes a little push”

The same way all over the world WIT community got a huge push, and then RAD Women Code, WIT Salesforce Group and many more big initiative gained place. RAD women code is a passion to help women's to learn code in Salesforce. RAD is run by these four beautiful and passionate ladies.

There are many more awesome initiative for the WITs took place, like girlForce, Girl Develop It, Women who code, Women who Dev UG , I just LOVE the pace of growing WITness all over the world. People are out there to help you, you just need to take it, its allot like trailhead , its free, its awesome, you just need to login to learn.

India itself has more then 15+ Salesforce WIT groups from almost each part of India, where we encourage every WIT to come up and share their views on how to get success in Salesforce technology, sometimes its tough for a mother to code, but she can learn Admin work easily 😉

So ladies its not the time to stop, its the time to start running fast like Usain Bolt. I want to thanks each and every person & community of Salesforce who supports us. Namaste 🙏🏻 !!