What is Surfer Strong?

Mallory Chapman co-founder Swellness

What exactly is this term Surfer Strong anyway? If your a surfer you have a pretty good idea.. it is not just about physical strength but mental fortitude and a calm mindset. The holistic approach to life is about being relaxed yet alert — being aware of your surroundings and being able to face challenges with confidence.


Seems like the perfect phrase for what we are consider is a new way to approach fitness overall.

We have launched today a 6 week “Surfer Strong” Challenge themed around Hawaii calling it the Big Island Surfer Strong Challenge.

Listen to Mallory describe how this is different and what we are doing to change the industry and help people become…. Surfer strong!

The Big Island Challenge Launching Aug. 20th! A unique online 6 week workout challenge that can be done anywhere at anytime and with support from your global Swellness crew with our fist pumping app!

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