These are the top 5 reasons people are leaving your website

You have less than 15 seconds to capture the attention of the people visiting your website before more than half of them leave, so what can you do to get them to stay awhile? Combat your bounce rates by avoiding these top five mistakes to convert your website visitors into leads before they leave.

  1. Poor navigation

Users don’t want to be led astray by a poor or misleading navigation structure. This is your chance to tell the user how to navigate throughout your website, and you should be taking advantage of that. Unclear navigation or navigation with an unconventional layout or placement will leave your users confused and frustrated.

Try this instead

When building your navigation, get into the mindset of your user and think about how they would naturally navigate through the content of your website. Your site should be arranged in a logical way that takes your users’ needs and expectations into account (this is important for SEO, too!).

  1. Obstructive use of audio/video

Nothing makes people click the back button faster than a video or audio file autoplaying when your website loads. You don’t want to startle people off of your website; as a rule of thumb, you probably don’t need to be autoplaying that video or song.

Try this instead

Think of other formats that you could present the same information — does it really need to be a video or is a short paragraph just as effective? If a video is truly the best way to get your message across, give your users the choice to press the play button. Let your users decide how they want to consume your content.

  1. Lack of high quality content

High quality content is the number one reason people come to a website and stay. Don’t bore people off of your website, but don’t bombard them with irrelevant information either. You want to provide them with the information they are looking for.

Try this instead

Good content converts. Provide up-to-date, relevant and interesting content to your visitors and you’ll see results.

  1. No compelling call-to-action

How do you expect to make a sale without prompting your visitors in some way? You have to ask for it. If your users aren’t sure what they are supposed to do on your website, it’s likely that they will look elsewhere.

Try this instead

You should be hitting your visitors with a call-to-action anywhere they may be on your website — at the end of your blog posts, on your contact page, product pages, etc. If you want your visitors to do something, the first step is asking.

  1. Design is outdated

94% of users’ first impressions of websites are design-related. If you haven’t redesigned your website since 1998 (really 2012), it’s time for a change. You don’t want people thinking your entire company is stuck in 1998, too. Web design has come a long way since then and you should be taking advantage of the new technologies.

Try this instead

You want to establish that you are a reputable and modern company and that is done first and foremost with a clean and up-to-date website. Give your website a facelift and those 94% of first impressions will be positive ones.

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