BTG & SWFTC Airdrop Program
( 4/13/2018 to 4/27/2018 )
Celebrating the partnership between Bitcoin Gold & SWFT Blockchain we are distributing free SwftCoin (SWFTC) to all participants and 220 Bitcoin Gold (BTG, worth $10,000) to winners!

To participate in the #AIRDROP you need to:

1) Follow @SwftCoin and retweet using #swftc
2) Download SWFT App and register.
3) Join SwftCoin Telegram Community and provide your feedback about the SWFT Blockchain’s crypto transfer platform.
4) Fill in this form to receive rewards:

To win the 220 BTG and get free SWFTC, you’ll need to: 
1) Use SWFT App to do some trading. 
2) All participants will receive 100 SWFTC for free! 
3) Top 100 traders will get 220 BTG in total!

We will rank users according to your trading volume during these 7 days. 3 business days after the program, winners will be announced in our Telegram Community only. 
Ranking Rewards:

1st Winner: 16 BTG

2nd Winner: 14 BTG

3rd Winner: 11 BTG

4-10th Winners: 7 BTG

11-50th Winners: 2 BTG

51-100th Winners: 1 BTG

Join now!

Watch this video to know how to use the SWFT Blockchain App.