Still Swappin’ in 2020

SWFT Blockchain is still the place to go for cryptocurrency swaps at the best rates and with super low fees!

SWFT Blockchain
Dec 31, 2019 · 2 min read

Before we welcome 2020, we’d like to celebrate some of our accomplishments in 2019!

200 Currencies

After ending 2018 with 100 currencies available for instant swaps, we wanted to double that in 2019. Guess what? We did. We also became the swap provider with the most choice in stablecoins, as we now support instant swaps between over a dozen different stablecoins.

Partner up!

In 2019, we partnered with companies like ELLIPAL — The Cold Wallet, TokenPocket, and Mathwallet to offer in-wallet swaps to their users. We even partnered with Ledger to add SWFT Blockchain as a swap option on Ledger Live’s ‘Trade & Exchange’ page!


While in 2018 we introduced decentralized swaps, instant swaps, and limit orders, in 2019 we added even more features. Early in the year we introduced Red Packets and soon after that, instant cryptocurrency payments with SWFT Pay.

Go Bears 🐻

We loved being one of startups in the first-ever batch at Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator! Check out what BBX had to say about crypto’s Fast and Furious (aka us).

It’s getting (even) better!

As The Beatles said, it’s getting better all the time. Were they talking about SWFT Blockchain? We may never know. What we do know is that we updated our app over 30 times in 2019 and introduced features like SWFT Trade, a full blown exchange that uses our algorithm to get the best buy and sell orders, GroupCoin, with token lock periods to earn you passive income, and Lending, so you can borrow USDT or BTC and continue trading without selling your position. We also fortified your assets’ security with Ledger Vault technology!

Do you think it’s getting better? What else would you like to see? Let us know by writing a review on Google Play or the App Store!


We’ve got a great year planned for you all! We’re committed to giving you the best possible service, so we’re working on improving our product and adding new features to our offering. We’ll also be focusing on adding more and more API partners and powering more and more cryptocurrency swaps for even more people!

We hope you have a great 2020 and share lots of red packets filled with crypto love with your friends and family!

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