SWFT Blockchain Trading Competition for Cointorox

Social Media Task
1) If you are a new user, sign up here and get additional SWFTCoin!
2) Follow SWFT Blockchain and Cointorox
 3) Sharing activity (100 SWFTC and 50 OROX)

Share the following poster and text to Telegram groups and Twitter, take screenshots and send to SWFT Blockchain group tag admin @acsd0627 and @Ronjet_SWFTblockchain. If approved, you will be rewarded! Valid until April 19, 2019!

“Join @swftcoin and @cointoroxtoken partnership #celebration and you can win up to 15,000 $OROX and 20,000 $SWFTC. 
Event details:

Ranking Event
Swap any crypto to OROX and OROX to any crypto using SWFT Blockchain and get rewards! Users who have accumulated the greatest volume during the event will receive the following rewards:

Rules and Regulations:
🔥 The SWFT Blockchain and Cointorox teams reserve the final rights of explanation regarding all rules and regulations of this event.
 🔥 All rewards will be distributed within 5 business days after the event.
 🔥 If we detect any cheating activities during the event, SWFT Blockchain is entitled to disqualify the users involved from claiming their rewards.

The SWFT Blockchain Team