SWFT Updates (Mid. Oct — Nov)

At the end of October, the SWFT Blockchain team released the 3.5.0 version of our platform. All the changes to our app were based on user feedback — your voice is at the core of SWFT Blockchain’s updates. Here is how we have progressed:

SWFT 3.5.0

New features of our cross-chain platform include:

  • Two-way limit orders;
  • Optimized order history; and
  • Timely notifications on transactions.
SWFT’s updated Intro: check all our user-centric features

SWFT Blockchain is available for download on the App Store for users in the U.S., Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, and Singapore. You may also have it on Android or iOS (for other countries) devices.

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SWFT Blockchain continues to make meaningful connections in the industry as a way to nurture the development of breakthrough blockchain technologies. This time we are proud to announce:

Our Cooperation Agreement with Aurora

On November 6th, SWFT Blockchain signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Aurorachain for the joint development of breakthrough public-chain technologies for the North American market.

Alex Witt, SWFT’s CFO, and Mr. Zhao, Aurorachain’s CEO, at the signing ceremony

Co-Existence Agreement with SWIFT

This milestone for SWFT Blockchain comes as the result of our efforts to be clear and consistent with the messages our brand conveys. It institutionalizes SWFT Blockchain as the premier facilitator of crypto transfers: easier, faster, and safer.

A milestone: SWFT Blockchain & SWIFT’s Co-Existence Agreement

Tokens Listed

The SWFT Blockchain network of coins continues to grow! You can now swap 70+ tokens directly — without intermediaries like BTC, or ETH. Here are some of our newest additions, which you may transfer from or to at transfer.swft.pro:

Also, we are pleased to announce that BitcoinCashClassic (BCC) will be initially launched on our platform. Follow us on Twitter for more details on upcoming promotional events.


SWFT Blockchain’s ERC-20 token has its own website now. Visit swft.pro/swftcoin for updates on our cryptocurrency, which is currently available for trade on 21 exchanges. If you are interested in listing SwftCoin, please contact us at info@swftcoin.com.

Learn more about SwftCoin at swft.pro/swftcoin