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This is the follow-up of my first post React Hooks, my introduction. If you don’t know what hooks are or just want to start from the beginning please check this article first.

As promised, I have now used hooks on a PoC project: pokemon-arena and one in production: the website (not open source, sorry, perhaps one day…). I don’t have a lot of feedbacks about the PoC but using hooks on a real project has opened new questions.

This post is the feedback of my experience with hooks regarding some developer perspectives such as: code-reuse, 3rd-party librairies and testing.

Sorry, it was a bit easy 😂

How to write an article about React Hooks when so many has already been published? This is the question I asked myself before starting this one. I almost abandoned the idea then finally found a bunch of good reasons to continue:

  • Firstly, if you don’t write something someone could have already written, you never write anything.
  • I intend to start a series following my own journey using hooks on an existing project, so I need an entry point.
  • By being a bit hype driven by nature, using Recompose (see below) for a long time, looked at React Fiber under the…

🎼 Compo·sing Web Compo·nents

compo is a new JavaScript Web UI library based on pure Web Components providing a modern API using function composition to easily define and enrich them.

Yes! It’s yet another new JavaScript Web UI library! Sorry for the “JavaScript fatigue” people still I thought there was some good ideas in this project and it deserved to be at least published.


It’s inspired by many populars library such React, Redux, Recompose or styled-components, applying the modern concepts and API to the Custom Element standard.

The Virtual Dom concept introduced by React some time ago has been used to free the user…

Aujourd’hui, si un développeur cherche un nouveau job, sa préférence ira le plus souvent sur les startups ou sinon un éditeur. Il est pratiquement admis par tous qu’aller dans le service est la voie de garage pour les “mauvais”.

Je suis dur et pourtant j’y travaille dans le service, et ce, depuis plus d’une décennie. J’ai vu ce sentiment s’aggraver et beaucoup de mes collègues démissionner pour aller en startup ou chez des éditeurs.

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Je connais le marché français et j’ai tendance à penser que c’est un problème franco-français, mais je pense que c’est bien plus vaste que ça. …

For a while now, I’ve been used to switch between Angular 1, Angular 2 and React in different projects. I’ve also been talking to many different people which are fans of one or another framework. I’m able, now, to compare each solution for what they really are.

The purpose of this post is not to make another comparison between these frameworks in order to define which is best. It’s to point out that the most common comparison arguments I heard are wrong.

Most of this post will not differentiate Angular 1 and 2 as the points are valid for both…

I will not try to write the ultimate guide to test an AngularJS app with Jest, this article is only my feedback after trying Jest on my project.

TL;DR It works pretty well :)

First, let me add some context. I was a huge AngularJS fan and slowly drifted to React. That’s probably why I was aware of Jest and wanted to try it. Still, my biggest ongoing project uses AngularJS, it’s the member part of the new data exchange plateforme: Dawex (

Also, I’m one of the developers of the Yeoman Fountain generator ( …

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