Brooklyn-Based Web Series, ‘Money And Violence’ Attract Millions of Viewers

Money & Violence is an indie web series on YouTube that has amassed an audience hailing from all around the world. The show is a depiction of the grimy streets of Brooklyn and the chaotic lives of Rafe, Miz, Shane & Kane. Their mission? To make money by any means necessary, whether it be robbing a store or selling drugs. In the process, they deal with drama from people out for revenge, backstabbers, etc. Surviving in the streets isn’t easy; trust is rare and the stakes are high, and the only way to earn respect is conveyed in the title Money & Violence.

Created by and starring a Flatbush native named Moe, Money & Violence takes viewers back to a time when the borough wasn’t overrun with out-of-towners, hipsters and fancy baby strollers, a time when taking what you wanted earned you respect in the hood. It’s the hood millennial version of Paid in Full we never knew we wanted.

In an interview on The Breakfast Club, the show’s creator had this to say:

“Money and Violence is about much more than just money and violence, its not another tale glorifying [criminal] acts. A lot of these kids nowadays are attracted to this gangster lifestyle, so when it comes to people, there’s a huge difference between advice and talking sh*t. If someone doesn’t respect you, to them its not advice, they’re not gonna take it. Being that people are so entranced by this gangster lifestyle, I gave them a few figures that they will respect, [these characters] hold certain principles and morals, of loyalty, not being conniving and underhanded. It’s my way of tricking the streets into learning.” — Moe (@Cloud9TV_)

I literally have the password to each and every internet streaming media site I could ever want to see at my disposal. Netflix? Check. Hulu? Check. Everything critically acclaimed and popular is available for me to binge, yet, here I am fully engrossed in the cheesy and gritty storyline of Money and Violence. In one scene from the premiere episode, we see a woman and man sitting on a park bench, using clues from Instagram plot how they’re going to rob another man.

The storyline comes complete with authentic Brooklyn staples like your credit card scammers, the icey-selling lady, and even a dude doing pulls up on a light pole.

Still, the show definitely has its flaws: the acting isn’t the best and the production is poor. There moments when a character does something that is so old-school that it makes you give your screen the side-eye because you forget it’s 2015. However, this is to be expected from a new series orchestrated by a group of real-life Brooklyn natives with no professional television experience. What the cast and creator do have, though, is a ton of passion and a strong work ethic, and with each episode comes new improvements. This shines through each episode, making even the cheesiest moments believable enough to appreciate and enjoy.

It’s definitely worth a watch. Check out episode one below; you just might get hooked. The series finale airs February 3rd. Just remember, you heard it here first.

Syed Hussain is a Bronx-bred medical student based in the DMV area. He co-hosts a podcast called “Swish This” which airs every Sunday at 8 PM EST. He is a lover of all things NYC, urban culture and hip-hop and enjoys Entourage re-runs. Winner of the sperm race back in ‘89.

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