You Pay More Taxes Than Exxon Mobil
Joe Brewer

As for your profile: No, you are NOT working on behalf of humanity, you are working on behalf of idiotic evil 19th century ideological nonsense that has been proven wrong 50 times over and resulted in 150 MILLION violent deaths!

Your claim that you are a “complexity researcher” and into “cognitive science” is simply ridiculous, as you are not even able to understand the difference between a slight tax REDUCTION and a SUBSIDY.

Claiming that a tax reduction is a “subsidy” implies that you think that we are SLAVES owned by government, which graciously agrees to leave us a little of OUR OWN MONEY that we EARNED.

That’s not how it works — it’s exactly the other way around: government should have to justify every CENT they are taxing and spending, as they are ROBBING people of hard-earned income and they should only be spent on issues that are essential and impossible to finance any other way — not even through charity. Maybe defense…

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