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Socialists come up with the most ridiculous excuses for their greed and envy.

And the poor always find someone else to blame for their own failure. It was the beer brewer who made them drink and McDonald’s that made them fat, not their own lack of willpower.

Really pathetic…

Hey, I have a few really funny success stories:

  • I started thinking about why my vacuum cleaner needed a stupid bag and why it was so ugly and inefficient. And why did we need that cable? “Millions of people thought just like me, so my new, stylish, efficient vacuum cleaners became hyper popular and made me a billionaire. I invest enormously to educate young people to be engineers.
  • We were building our own little home computers when we thought: “everyone should have one, but that will be really difficult right now”. So we built a neat case with keyboard and a matching screen and we sold millions of them.

Yes, rich people have FASCINATING stories to tell.

Unlike losers who don’t know how to be creative and help other people.

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