You Pay More Taxes Than Exxon Mobil
Joe Brewer

Truth, as usual, is totally different:

Exxon paid $31.05 BILLION on earnings before taxes of $78.73 billion. That’s practically 40%!!!

That means they pay FAR MORE than almost any other business. Apple pays around 21%.

In other words, government could grant Exxon $31 billion in tax REDUCTIONS and it would not cost anyone even a single cent!

In fact, we’d all BENEFIT from government having less money, considering all the evil shit government is doing!

As for the idiotic claim that Exxon get’s “subsidies”, that’s absolute BS: Until they receive MORE than they pay in, IT IS NOT A SUBSIDY!

Solar & wind exist ONLY because of actual subsidies. They do not pay ANY money to government in the form of taxes, but they get tons of subsidies WHICH COST ALL OF US! And they are totally USELESS, as 100% of the installed capacity of wind and solar energy has to be backed up by coal, gas, nuclear or hydro plants, as wind and solar often drop to ZERO production.

So it’s a total waste of money.

As for petrol, we buy it because it is USEFUL and ABUNDANT. According to the latest estimates of newly discovered sources (e.g. in Texas), there’s enough petrol for 2'000 to 3'000 years — and those are just the KNOWN reserves.

Note that it is absolutely NOT in the interest of petrol businesses that those numbers are made public — they would LOVE us all to believe in “peak oil”, as it would allow them to increase their prices. As petrol turns out NOT to be in short supply, prices will continue to drop.

As for man-made “climate change”, that’s a ridiculous hoax. There’s not even a correlation between CO2 and temperatures. 1945–1978, longest COOLING phase on record. Now we have a 20 year long temperature STAGNATION with practically no cooling or warming.
If anything, we have to fear a new cooling phase, considering how quickly ice is GROWING on Greenland and Antarctica.
Ah, about Harvey — that was the FIRST hurricane that made landfall in the US after 7 years entirely without any! Kind of hard to argue that an exceptionally rare event is caused by CO2, right?

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