Analyzing a counter intelligence cyber operation: How Macron just changed cyber security forever
Gadi Evron

Wait, let me get this straight: for starters, you believe the RIDICULOUS lies about “Russian hackers” being behind Hillary’s downfall? Just how incredibly naive can one be?

Hillary fell because she is the most CORRUPT and EVIL person to have ever run for the role of US president. She had ZERO competence for the job and absolutely should never have been even close to it.

I knew about her since before her husband Bill was elected. Look up “Why Murray Rothbard hated Hillary Clinton”. He provided an in-depth analysis of Hillary’s character and ideology and explained why she was such a threat to everyone’s freedom. Hillary is basically a psychopath with a mission.

She was not “hacked”, the information from Wikileaks came from WHISTLEBLOWERS, i.e. DNC insisders who were sick and tired with the lies and fraud which was exposed.


Everyone who complained about TRUE facts about Hillary getting people to vote against her apparently would love IGNORANT voters rather than well-informed ones.

Hillary ran entirely on LIES against Trump. They even paid one woman $500K to pretend that Trump had “grabbed” her. They couldn’t find anyone who had actually been assaulted, because — as Trump said — women LET the rich and famous touch them, because that’s why they come to parties with celebrities! Trump had always WILLING women around him, so he never needed to do anything illegal to get sex.

People who got upset about the Trump tape — apparently such a huge “revelation”- simply didn’t listen. I’ll repeat it: He NEVER said that he “assaulted” women, he said that they LET the rich and famous touch them. Which is why no one really gives a flying shit about that tape except for Hillary shills.

But a lot of people DO care about all the fraud and the crimes Hillary committed.

Now you rejoice over the fact that French people are IDIOTS and do not really try to get informed about their would-be presidents.

If they did try to learn whom they were going to vote for, they had all the information they needed, such as Macron speaking before an open mike, admitting that he realizes that Saou is a terrorism promoter, but that he admires him:

That’s not “fake”, that’s himself, in his own words.

Anyone who votes for a guy who supports a terrorism promoter in France is a madman or a criminal.

Now apparently there was a “data dump” about Macron. Looks like it was himself who organized it, given the obviously bad document quality.

And you “admire” him and the apathy of the French public?

That’s really sad.

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