My old book from the Home Economic class.

Decades ago, women had Cooking class in Elementary and High School in spite the mothers taught about Culinary Art at home. We learned from basic to sophisticated and international cuisine, Nutrition, menu planning (for the house, a party even a picnic), setting tables for different occasions, food preservation, canning, food shopping and more details. It was like a chef school.

Baking and decorating cakes was my downfall the first year of High School… For whatever reason, baking was not allowed in the house; so, I did not have any knowledge neither practice in the matter. I enjoyed eating cakes like any other teenager or child but could not prepare one at home. Then, Baking class was very interesting and loved it beyond the limits; although, the teacher was always in bad mood. Anything would turn her mad and screamed at the students. Back those years, the teachers even beat the students. What an antithesis! A sweet class with a sour teacher.

I failed Baking class… Embarrass. I passed Arithmetic with high grades but a simple subject like putting ingredients together and bake a cake was the disgrace to suspend my summer vacation that year. Crabby Bakery teacher and crabby mother too. Mother did not help neither support with my situation. The High School decided to promote me to the next grade under the condition to bake a cake when we come back to class on August. Not everything was lost. At least, there was the opportunity to recuperate and rescue a subject to continue the studies.

Sometimes, you get a good Samaritan from the most unexpected resources or places. A relative, who baked a lot, decided to spend that summer with us. She was the only person in the family allowed to use the house oven. My golden possibility to practice an re practice how to bake a successful cake every time I assisted her! Classes started again and I baked the test cake to approve one subject from the Home Economic classes. Life continued and I graduated from High School.

Years passed and there was the day when I decided to open a bakery. By that time, I already mastered how to bake and decorate cakes. Easy. Not complicated at all. The tense experience during the first year of High School was my mentor for the rest of my life. An obstacle did not stop me from preparing my delightful sweets and even opened a business based on an old failure.

Impossible, cannot and unable are words that other people invented in order to prevent and discourage you from succeeding.