Prekinder, kinder, preschool, Elementary School, Middle School, Junior and Senior High School new scholar year are educational summer events in USA. It is like waiting for Christmas or Eastern. This activity occurs every year, includes some changes and adjustments at the end of the summer.

Previous weeks or days before the First Day of Class may be stressful, full of plans, expectations, questions marks and hope for the parents and their descendants. Also, for the citizens involved in Pedagogy, educational institutions employees and related occupations like janitors, cross guards, school bus drivers, lunch room supervisors, so on.

Nowadays, my perspective changed towards the Back to School days. Decades pass; so how I live my life. Analyzing public, private and home education, hunt for school supplies, searching for additional books in order the children would learn more, designing practice tests and educational activities like museum exhibitions or grow chicks and seeds are over. Way over; however there are two details which reverberate in my senior years. The first one is the store crowds around the beginning of the new classes. Even supermarkets sale school supplies today. When I was young, those items were sold exclusively in a specific store or in book stores. Not anymore. I had to learn to shop in department stores as soon as they open to avoid the mothers shopping crowds. Yes, I am one of those persons who do not like doing lines at the check out lanes.

The second repercussion is the famous school buses. If you are as senior as I am, we remember very well there was no school transportation provided for the minors when we were young. The students had to use the public bus service, depend on somebody else ride or walk like any other human no matter the hit or their knees got buried in snow every winter.

Experience is the best teacher and taught me to avoid driving at certain hours and areas to prevent delays and get immersed in traffic congestion because of the school buses. How many times did somebody expressed disappointment about driving behind a school bus? Any day, I had a medical appointment and selected the route very carefully (away from schools) but my plan did not include a famous road construction… A ten minuted ride turned into a forty-five-minute-static-ride, involuntary detour and been late.

I was embarrassed for arriving late. The doctor told me, “Do not worry, I am late too. I was few cars away from you and saw you stack in traffic too. Darn GPS and cell phone, did not alert about the road construction!” Oh, I do not use any of the modern devices to check the traffic and had the same consequence after all. Meanwhile, praying a rosary or reading the Bible is always good to spend the time when you are glued to the traffic.

I keep angels in the car.