AdToken (ADT) now on SwitchDex!

May 21, 2019 · 2 min read

AdToken (ADT) token on the Ethereum blockchain intended for use in the adChain Registry dapp. adToken is a true utility token because it is integral to the functionality of the adChain Registry. The adChain Registry dapp (decentralized application) is a community-curated list of ad-supported websites (domains). Community members use adToken to signal whether or not a website should be included or rejected from the Registry.

There are no fees to list a token on SwitchDex, no restrictions on limits, no restrictions on jurisdictions, and of course no user information is collected.

* SwitchDex charges a .2% taker fee. There are no other platform fees.

* SwitchDex offers users a one time flat fee amount to remove this platform fee forever. From May 1st through May 31st this one time fee is $30. This fee will increase $10 monthly, and will top out at $100 in December 2019.

* To whitelist an address, go to On the deposit side click the token you’d like to pay with. On the receive side click SwitchDex whitelist. Fill out the form and make payment. That’s it!

* You can verify if an address is whitelisted by going to (please allow up to 24 hours for addresses to reflect on the whitelist checker)

100% of all fees collected by SwitchDex (trading fees + whitelist fees) are airdropped to ESH & SDEX token holders.

* 50% are airdropped to ESH holders

* 50% are airdropped to SDEX holders



SwitchDex is a decentralized exchange running on Ethereum. Tired of platform fees? Pay a small one time fee & trade free! McAfeeDex runs on Switchdex contract!

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