7 Reasons Why You Need To SWITCH

Happy new month or in other words, Welcome to Q2 2017! How are you doing with your goals for the year? Still on track or abandoned? If one of your goals for the year was to advance in your career, it is only wise to consider a career in a field that will be around for many decades to come that also attracts a competitive pay.

So without further ado, these seven reasons are why you should SWITCH to a career in Tech today.

Tech Is ALWAYS hiring! When the economy is biting hard in a recession and several sectors are downsizing, the tech sector is booming and projected to experience even more growth in the coming years which advertently equals more jobs for individuals with tech related skills

High Paid Jobs. Tech is fast replacing the notion that oil and gas jobs equals high paying jobs. Most developers and programmers take home a nice salary that beats some roles in the energy sector.

You may be the next world famous CEO. If the CEO’s of Twitter, Facebook, Google, Apple etc had hesitated in exploring their ideas, we probably wouldn’t have them today. The solution to a world problem may be vested in you. Why not unlock that potential through tech today.

Tech is the Future. Technology is at the heart of everything in our day to day life. From phones, ATM, Cars, e-commerce, etc. tech plays a major role in the everyday design of things.

Tech Is The Best Career Switch. If you’re looking to change your career to a more exciting field, look no further. Tech is your very best bet!

Come As You Are. You can go to work in a sweatshirt, denim and sneakers without being queried by HR. take a cue from Steve Jobs of blessed memory, Mark Zuckerberg, etc.

New Day, New Task. There are no routines in Tech as you are likely to be performing several roles everyday. One week you may be updating softwares and the next week you’re getting rid of virus on computers. With a career in Tech, you’re not just boxed into your area of “specialty”, you get to learn every bit of the trade.

So, whether you’re a fresh graduate about to enter the labour market or you’re looking to advance your career, now is the time to SWITCH to a career in Tech and open up a world of endless possibilities. Visit www.switch.ng today to sign up to our short courses that are incredibly affordable.

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