Fredrick Mgbeoma — A Daring Software Developer #MySwitchExperience

Fredrick Mgbeoma, SWITCH Developer

The start of my journey at switch was a really interesting one. At Winsider hackathon held at Co-Creation Hub by Microsoft for upcoming Nigerian entrepreneurs, my attention was drawn to a group of vibrant developers wearing a branded vest with the word ‘Switch’ inscribed on it. I sought to know more about this Switch and indicated interest in being a part of this team of developers.

My first recruitment test was to show some of my previous works, so I quickly reached for a recent work I had concluded the previous day on Codepen using css flexbox to rebuild Canceraware Nigeria website, see here and other interview sessions. Fortunately enough was accepted and started with Switch afterwards.

Training and building software solutions at Switch has been worth it every single bit. It has made me push myself beyond limits I had imagined I had. It has been a tough one too, coding for a minimum of 15 hours a day is no joke!

Currently working on a solution for NYSC corps members, it’s a platform aimed at solving the difficulty some corps members have in getting Place of Primary Assignment during the service year.

Switch has enabled me to transition from a frontend developer to an advanced level frontend and backend developer much better equipped to use my skills to provide solutions and solve problems.

Thank You Switch!

Fredrick Mgbeoma (Switch Developer)

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