How I Went From Geography and Regional Planning To Software Development

Victor Onyia

Normally, one wouldn’t think of venturing into an industry where one doesn’t have some bit of knowledge or experience right? Well, welcome to the amazing world of tech where all fields are possible. We had a chat with one of our present cohorts at the academy, Victor Onyia and it was all shades of interesting. Please read on.

SWITCH : Please tell us briefly about yourself.

Victor : My name is Victor Onyia and I joined the SWITCH academy sometime in March,2017.

SWITCH : What did you study in school?

Victor : Funny enough, I studied geography and regional planning but before I graduated, I always had a passion for IT and immediately I was done with youth service, I secured an internship with a Tech company

SWITCH : Was the role tech related?
Victor : Yes it was and that’s where I picked an interest to go fully into the tech world.

SWITCH : How did you hear about SWITCH Academy?

Victor : I heard about SWITCH through Sherrif, he shared a post on Facebook and I saw a comment like “we need like 3–5 serious guys who want to pick on front-end development as a career” and I had been looking for such an opportunity so I grabbed it with both hands when the opportunity presented itself. I was actually in Port-Harcourt when the opportunity came but because of the passion I have, I had to come down to Lagos for the fellowship.

SWITCH : What are you studying at the SWITCH Academy?

Victor : I’m studying front end development and so we’ve been doing lots of Java script, Nod.JS, CSS,how to push files over github and a couple of other things. Currently, we’re working on a project because last week, we began hackathon and we were divided into groups so each group has its own particular project.

SWITCH : You didn’t have prior knowledge about coding and software development, was it difficult settling into an unfamiliar territory?

Victor : Initially, it was difficult, being that I had some colleagues way back who wrote code and I saw it as difficult like it was some sort of Hebrew language but a friend told me there was nothing difficult about it and all I needed was to develop an interest to learn so I picked several materials, watched videos, and the rest is history. So yes, I grew an interest and passion for Tech

SWITCH : How would you describe your experience at SWITCH Academy?

Victor : It has been an awesome experience and I’ve learnt a whole lot within this short period. I’ve been taught how to code neatly, indexing your codes, etc.

SWITCH : What has been your best moment at the SWITCH Academy so far?

Victor : Every moment at SWITCH for me has been awesome and i’ve learnt a lot because I used to feel coding was more of grab a laptop, do one or two HTML stuff but at the SWITCH Academy, I realised it was a different ball game .

SWITCH : If you could send a message to anyone intending to join the SWITCH Academy, what would it be?

Victor : For anyone that really wants to grasp the techniques and ideas behind coding, the SWITCH Academy is a ground that will propel and launch you into the great programmer you want to become because we’ve got skilled guys over here right from the facilitators to the founders.

SWITCH : Who has inspired you the most at SWITCH Academy?

Victor : Every single person in the Academy has inspired me. The guys have been awesome.

SWITCH : Thank you for your time Victor, we hope you have even more exciting times at your stay in the SWITCH Academy.

Victor : Thank you!

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