Find your way in today’s tech maze

Today’s technology is evolving at an unexpected rate. And some of the people from the older generations are feeling slightly left behind, but these aren’t the only people who need to catch up.

A lot of people are averse to use technology, those who are not tech savvy don’t realize the potential of technology & what it has to offer. Parents or adults generally assume that kids would waste time playing with phones or tablets. But then that’s not the only thing you can do on those devices.

The image of technology & what it has achieved can be overwhelming for most people, and that itself could act as a hindrance. Many people do own a smart phone but their usage is restricted to either social networks or games.

Google itself provides a multitude of applications such as GoogleFit, Keep, GoogleDocs, GoogleSheets, etc. other than the usual, that carry potential if utilized on a day to day basis.

There are several applications on the appstore & the playstore that make learning & education a fun filled process rather than a tedious task. Now that there are platforms like Quora, where anyone can ask a question & experts from round the world can answer it for you in minutes or redirect you to other places that would help you understand your problems.

There are also several apps for old people that can help them, Pill Reminders that help them remember to take their medication on time. Fall detectors that send alerts to you immediately if the old person has fallen or has been stationary for a longer time . Then of course, there is YouTube which has entertainment value. It’s also easier for them to read news as the font sizes can be changed & added benefits of always having a flashlight at hand inbuilt into the phone.

Voice assistants & IoT/Home Automation both have been great tools for kids & older people providing great benefits such as ease of use & alert mechanisms.

We have to use the advantages of current day technology with devices only getting cheaper & the world shifting towards a digital approach for everything.

We’re getting closer to the whole vision of the world being a global village & quite soon we will be there.

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