You Can TROLL the Internet, or You Can DO SHIT.

Totally what it looks like to “Troll” the internet.

I woke up this morning to a text from a colleague who just had my as a guest on her wellness podcast. We had a great show and she had just posted it up on Youtube. She was informing me that someone had posted some really negative comments about me-like really distasteful, and that she had deleted them and blocked the person. I knew who it was and moved on with my day, but it got me thinking:

“Do people really have that much freaking time on their hands?”

Apparently, many do. They go about not seeking to build their “building” the tallest in town but seek to instead tear every other building down. If this is your first time hearing the term “internet troll,” it will certainly not be your last.

My message today is this: Don’t be a negative naysayer who spends their time complaining and ranting about all the bad. We are all human and we are all flawed. Let’s just accept that and move on.

I often think of the productivity and good that people could accomplish if they simply spent the SAME amount of time that they spent trolling the internet on something purposeful. It would be astounding. But it’s easier to troll.

Look, I don’t believe we should reward shitty service, bad companies that are out to scam us, and that we have a duty to inform people. I’m just saying that for every lemon, there’s 10 delicious oranges-ready to be enjoyed.

Just yesterday, we had lunch at a nice Chinese restaurant in town. White table clothes, great service, and great food UNTIL we found an ant-yes, a dead insect on the side of our plate of mixed vegetables. I got up, let the manager know quietly, and they re-made the dish and comped us the dish. Was it gross? Yes. But I could tell it wasn’t the norm. And they took responsibility and took care of the problem. For people like that, I have no desire to waste my precious time and go on the internet and talk smack. It’s just not needed. No person, no business, and no leader is perfect.

So here’s to LESS trolling, and more DOING today.