Sometime in April 2018 I had to run errands with a friend of mine. We picked up a few items from the mall and had to wait for the items to be cashed. Since the queue was a long one and we still had other items to purchase, we decided to split and that meant splitting the money amongst us. Just before we split, a ten cent coin fell to the ground from the monies I was holding in my palm — I tried finding it by gazing around me and since I couldn’t I shrugged it off with the thought of it being just ten cents anyway.

The agreement was that I would remain in the queue in the mall while she dashes out to the next store where she’ll pick the remaining things we needed, she would then join the extensive queue over there and we’d be out at approximately the same time. It seemed like the perfect plan until I made a mistake that would eventually teach me several lessons. Guess what? Since I love calculating whatever I purchase so I don’t go over what I have in hand, that was exactly what I did. In this case that meant I kept exactly the amount the total was meant to be in hand. No extras needed-or so I thought.

After several minutes of waiting patiently and conquering the idea of cutting the line since I had just 2 -4 items compared to the myriads of items in front of me, it got to my turn and of course I was very happy to hand over the exact money to the cashier and leave. But there was a slight hitch… Owwwww…..What do you think? I’ll tell you… The cashier beeped my items and it was 10 cents over! Oh Shoot! What?

All sorts of thoughts started whisking through my head.

So you mean I just stayed on this queue for nothing?

You just wasted your time you know?

You’ll just have to come back and start the process again.

Strangely enough my physique wasn’t telling the story of what was going on inside as I looked unfazed. I just looked at the cashier and she looked at me as I tried stuttering that I’ll have to remove an item — she just said what? And right there, I felt God direct my eye to the exact location where the 10 cents fell. I straightened myself, picked up the money and handed it over and waited for the end of the transaction. God started teaching me that:

1. He knows what we don’t know — I knew 10 cents fell, The why I cannot answer, whether it’d be of use later I had no clue — I just thought 10 cents, that’s it.

2. Though the queue was really long and quite inconveniencing standing-wise I learnt I shouldn’t cut the line instead I should be patient — it’s a virtue. There’s provision along that line for you even if it’s not convenient at first

3. While waiting don’t be anxious; let the Peace of God resonate within you and emanate from you because your trust is in Him.

4. Even when it seemed last minute with no choice than to take out an order, I learnt the essence of being calm instead of fretting; God does a great job at showing up at last and He’s never late. Lazarus died 4 days before, yet he was still on time.

5. In the end it’s always a testimony that causes us to marvel, one that we can never forget, that reminds us of The One who is Faithful.

Isn’t it just interesting when God uses the very little things that pop up in our everyday lives to teach us life time lessons? Mind blowing in fact. His teaching you will depend on your willingness to learn and your sensitivity. I pray this draws you closer to Him. He’s willing to be involved in your daily routine if only you involve Him.

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