Be Discerning

Tosan was always excited every time he had people calling him whether to discuss, to check on him, or even when he was told others were extending their greetings to him. All these made him to feel warm on the inside as he plastered a huge smile on his face. He really felt loved with all the attention, love and care he seemed to be getting.

One fateful day, he got a call — only this time it wan’t a call he was expecting because he had lost touch with the caller for a long time and therefore didn’t have…

May of 2019 came with a suggestion for me to Pray throughout all the days and being my birth month too, I’d appreciate a God given gift. Started off with the task (not sure I completed all the days), this leaves me with another valid reason why instant documentation is important.

On one of the days I was searching, brooding upon what I should ask God for as a Birthday Gift and Boom.. …

With a heart overwhelmed with gratitude

I’ve just come to expose myself

Cause with exposure comes strength

And that’s how it’s works with you.

I just want to be with you

To be always where you are

You who are My Lord, My Love, My All

You who have won my heart.

You know I’m human Dear Father

Mistakes I make, some grievous too

Please look kindly on this poor girl

And help her through the way of Life.

You see my heart Loving Father

You know my heart, Love of my heart

You see my frailties , One who…

He loves too deeply

He loves to a fault

His gaze’s so tender

Voice ah… so soothing

Personality is divine.

As your eyes dance

Upon my very being,

Your constant care

Melting this heart of mine,

Your strong arms

Drowning my insecurities

Your warm whisper

Assuring me I’m all worth it

Sitting teary eyed

On a trip to ‘thought land’

How could it ever be

In this lifetime of mine

That you have crossed my path

One who can relate to me

who understand me so well

You correct me in love

And you are still so patient.

My love,

We’ve wept for long

What happened to Nigeria?

My people are scared to see daylight

They’re kidnapped, violated, assaulted and killed

The Children are pleading ‘Don’t lie to us’

Young ones are striving to make ends meet

My people are smiling while in shackles

The Voice of Judgement cries “Please help”!

More people becoming homeless on daily basis

The oppressed are gagged with poison of silence

Her Children are sick; others dying

Depression stealing bright minds away

And time is ticking tick tock

The rich are richer, and the poor poorer

A Giant, now once upon a time.

I hear her shrill voice calling…

I shed tears!!!
I shed tears!!!

Tears roll uncontrollably

With emotions running high

Thinking of a country

That still means home to me.

Where did we go wrong?

Her land incessantly raped

Her peace has turned to chaos

Her life is seemingly dead

Her hospitality is now cruelty

Her comeliness masked by envy

Corruption has become a lifestyle

We cry our leaders are corrupt

Ain’t we as lay men too?

Insatiable desires overwhelmed by greed

Her young lacks respect

Her children impoverished

Her old tells story of her lost glory

Her currency is mere paper

Economy in comatose

Brilliant minds scamming others

Her people merciless


Yayyyy… it’s my birthday!

Well… (not exactly, but 4 days ago it was — gotcha).

Previously, the new year for me has always been a mix of elation and then sheer indifference. High expectations, then dashed hopes and then on to not just caring about absolutely anything. It’s fair to ask, why the extreme swirls of emotions over time — the answer in just a simple term is ‘Life’ and all the emotions it brings with it.

I’m sure Life may have dealt with you in the same manner if I were to direct the same question to you. Though…

Great People, Great Nation!

Today, I tell a tale of a country that used to be so beautiful.

One that once had Land green and lush with fruitfulness

Where there was great unity despite diversity

And had Children playing gleefully

Adults chatting peacefully

Animals trotting graciously

Birds chirping melodiously

Schooling done enthusiastically

Visiting with cheerfulness

The elderly duly respected

Her young taken care of

Yellow buses cruising with mastery

Her people living harmoniously

Arguments settled gracefully

Immorality met with disapproval

Honesty practiced unconsciously

Monies earned honestly

Discipline embraced by her children

Hard work — A motto for her Children

Help rendered empathetically

Commodities sold reasonably

The Masses living with the Fear of God.

What happened to this Nigeria I once knew?

P. S: This is applicable to so many countries on how it used to be then!

Watch out for I SHED TEARS

I have to talk

I take the heat

I get neglected

I’m not appreciated

You put me on the spot

And make me look so bad

You get away with things

And heap the blame on me

Though I stand as your voice

You try to bring me low

I’m not a Robot!

Man, I’ve got feelings too!

I try to hide in smiles

How crushed you make me feel

How sad I feel alone

The pain you put me through

Is it a bad thing

That I lend my voice to you?

It’s putting a strain on me


He still fixes!

Life’s graced with imperfections

Daily we put out the perfect life

But behind the facade of perfection,

Are humans neck deep in much chaos-

The eventual ruin of a man who cares less.

Oluwaseun Adedayo

Royal Princess, Doc, Cook, Talented, Humane. Not your regular writer. Greatly blessed, highly favoured. E-mail:

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