An Open Letter to Social Autopsy
Randi Lee Harper

Hey Randi, let me start with the fact that I am a gamergater, one of your so called harassers. I don’t much like you.

Let me follow that with the fact that your post here is entirely correct. Social Autopsy was a terrible idea, and you spelled out exactly how it would end up being abused. Your points about their robots.txt were worrying enough. Your point about their “fake” data not actually being fake is even worse. The whole idea was abusable, but the lack of awareness shown by those two points makes it extra bad.

Your point about teenagers is something I think needs more examination. Teenagers are, in general, awful people. They are too old to be fully innocent, but too young to have learned the benefits of mercy and acceptance. They are also extra vulnerable to shaming thanks to all those body and mind changes. When designing a social platform, considering how teenagers will abuse it to bully other teenagers is a must. They are inherent masters of the DARVO (, and Social Autopsy would have been a goldmine not only for doxxing and the harassment related to it, but also for the planting of false info to label others as harassers.

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