Turnstile presents…Sŵn Festival

by Alun Llwyd

We don’t do these things very often. The last one we did was at SXSW in Austin, Texas which was at the same time as one of the most celebratory and stressful nights in our small company’s history. Ultimately though, it was a brilliant brilliant gig and a celebration.

We are just as proud to attempt another one — this time closer to home. And even the lack of Texan margaritas won’t dampen the party. This, after all, will happen in the capital city of one of Europe’s top four footballing nations.

We feel lucky to have Cate Le Bon headlining. Over both Mug Museum and Crab Day albums, the last four years of working with Cate has been as joy and inspiration. Her live show is up there with the best in the world at the moment.

R.Seiliog is the enigma that keeps getting better and better. His new EP takes him to a totally different planet and now back to doing solo live shows that feel like the best journey in the world, this will take you somewhere you will not want to return from.

Martha Ffion writes tunes. Martha Ffion has a voice that turns those tunes into solid gold hits. By the time Martha Ffion’s debut album is released next year the world will have fallen in love with her. In the meantime there is a debut 5 track EP to keep you going and keep you playing over and over again.

Kayla Painter comes from just over the bridge. With stunning visuals and electronics that will pull you in and soundtrack your favourite moments.

A welcome late addition is Alex Dingley. He has an album out soon on Birth Records that reminded us of all the best music that was ever recorded — and more.

And gelling all this will be the record choices of Gwenno. Choices which are always worth hearing from a person that always has something worth listening to.

We are excited. We are humbled. We are grateful for the opportunity. We thing it will be very very good.

Ymlaen / Endevant / Forward!

Turnstile will be taking over Buffalo Bar on Saturday 22nd October 2016, Sŵn Festival 2016.

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