Just eat real food

Before you start reading please keep in mind that I am not a nutritionist nor am I a fitness professional. I am a regular person who is a health and fitness enthusiast who loves helping people reach there goals. I have been training myself for more than 16 years and immerse myself on information on fitness, holistic nutrition, and functional medicine. The information that I share below is from countless of hours of listing to podcasts and doing research over time, but the one source that I share at the end of this article is the one that I get most of my information from and is legit. See I love transparency and give credit when credit is due. So I hope you enjoy the read and hopefully it helps you out.

Most obesity and health issues are linked to eating processed foods and deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, and essential fats. Processed foods are pretty much anything that comes in a box, bag, or can (if you cannot tell where it came from then chances are it’s a processed food). Examples of processed foods are breads, cereals, and canned soup, meats, and fish. The main issue with processed foods is that companies overload these “foods” with sugar, sodium, and other chemicals that preserve the food and are hard to pronounce let along digest. These foods are processed (not real) and your body sees this as a foreign object, therefor your body attacks it and inflation kicks in along with malnutrition and borderline starvation. The main reason why you never get satiated with processed foods is because processed foods are loaded with sugars and sodium which wreaks havoc on your hormones that trigger your satiation. See sugar will spike your insulin hormone giving you a quick boost of energy, the problem with this is that sugar is not a sustainable source of fuel for our bodies because it burns out quickly which leaves you having to replenish every two to three hours. Sugar is the equivalent to regular gas when you think about the different types of fuels in the gas station the premium is going to burn much slower than the regular. Fat is a much better source of fuel for your body and burns at a much slower rate and does not affect insulin thus you don’t get hungry much and have a more stable amount of energy through the day. The issue is that fat is so demonized in the health and fitness industry that many people (including myself at one point) are afraid to consume it because of the clams that fat will get you fat and clog your arteries, this couldn’t be more farther from the truth. See your brain is made up of fat and thrives off fat, so when you limit you fat consumption you are pretty much starving your brain.

The two main hormones that control your hunger and satiety are ghrelin and leptin. Lepton tells your brain (primarily the pituitary gland) that your full and ghrelin tells your brain you’re hungry. See it’s very hard to over eat when you eat real food like vegetables, nuts, seeds, grass fed meats, free range chickens, and wild caught fish. When you get hungry your body is craving nutrient not food, when you feed your body the nutrients that come with the foods described earlier you become satiated faster therefore you will only intake what your body needs. When your diet is more carbohydrates and sugar based you become insulin resistant and your body starts storing fat mostly around your waist line. This fat acts like an organ are triggers your body to release less lepton and more ghrelin which requires you to eat more and eventually you will also become what is known as lepton resistant. So now you are storing fat and not getting satiated, even though you’re eating like crazy. If you’re on a mission to lose fat, then get yourself healthy first. Fat loss is a byproduct of health, then once you have your health dialed in then start a workout routine.

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