Not really all that surprised with the result, and the people who said Osweiler would play well…
Mercer Atreides

Couldn’t agree more. I liked the idea of chucking it up on 3rd down in the very first series, even though it didn’t pay off. But he overthrew Hogan on what should have been at least a 50-yard play, and he missed Gronk on one of the easiest TD passes a rookie QB will ever get to throw. Not happy about those. But on the bright side, he made an excellent throw to Jules that should have resulted in a TD. With the exception of missing his window to Bennett and forcing a pass that should’ve been intercepted in the end zone, though, he didn’t make attempt any risky throws. Osweiler looked more like a rookie than Brissett did, especially when he made one of the worst throws you’ll ever see and coughed up an INT to Jamie.