So you just confirmed it.
Larry Hayden

I confirmed nothing. That’s what I’m trying to tell you. You only saw what I said in black and white when good foreign policy requires nuance. Your fears have a right to be addressed. Whether they are asinine or logical, they should be addressed because it makes sense.

Let’s be clear, we have already vetted the hell out of these people. We had one of the most archaic and draconian immigration policies even under Obama. The countries in the ban do not include the countries that have actually sent terrorists our way. How do you explain Saudi Arabia not being on the list? It is not a secret that they have approved the violent attacks perpetrated by terrorists.

That is how you know this is not about your security or mine. This is about money. That doesn’t give you pause?

I served in the military for five years. I was honorably discharged. I am no longer allowing myself to be used for interests that don’t give a damn about me or my family. You’re so concerned about refugees and what they might do, you’re missing the fact that:

I can go on. Do you need more? Because I’ve got more. Plenty more.

The reality is your children are more likely to fall victim to some capitalist who doesn’t give a damn about them the minute they are no longer a resourceful resource than to some refugee. The reality is your children are more likely to get gunned down by some racist and sexist pissed off white guy drunk on Fox News and White Supremacy than some Muslim…

Furthermore, this isn’t a new tactic by the ruling elite to distract us from their very real acts of aggression against the middle class and the hardworking poor. They did this with the following groups/nationalities:

  • Irish
  • Germans
  • Jews
  • Italians
  • Filipinos
  • Mexicans
  • Every African nation
  • Catholics
  • Russians
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Native Americans

Need I go on? This hysteria — this same sentiment you echoed — is a tactic and it has been beaten to death like the dead horse that it is. I refuse to be led by irrational thought.

And as a Christian, I refuse to turn my back on another human being in need.

God bless.