You didn’t recite anything but more babble.
Larry Hayden

Larry, I’m not reading this. I said I stopped reading anything you had to write the minute you threw what little credibility you had out of the window by asking for sources that were already there. There is no reasoning with someone running on irrationality and hysteria.

I could, but I have to reserve my sanity for whatever new treason or scandal comes out of the White House. It’s nothing personal, Larry.

The Bible says not to argue with fools as you both end up looking like fools to everyone else. You can do that, just not with me. I’ll pass. So, God bless you, Larry. Truly.

If you would like to converse civilly, or should you become open to others’ experiences, I welcome you on my side of Medium.

I do warn you, though. You have nothing to lose but your preconceived notions.