3 Tips to Stay Hydrated

Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up.

As soon as you wake up, take a few deep breaths and drink a glass of water standing in front of natural sunlight. You’ll feel more energized and ready for the day. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a cup of coffee, but challenge yourself to finish your glass of water before the pot (or Keurig) is finished brewing.

Add flavor to your water

Jamie Olivers

Take Jamie Oliver’s delicious pomegranate ginger & lime flavored water for example. Not only does it look great it adds a new dimension of flavor to our important but plain water. There are unlimited combinations to spice or sweeten your water. What combo will you try?

Find the bottle that works for you.

Finding the right water bottle is actually more important than you think. Making sure you know what you are comfortable drinking out of is going to ensure you actually want to take that first sip. From Swell to water bottles with a straw to auto spout. Sometimes it’s not that you don’t like water, you just haven’t found your favorite way of consumption.

Remember to drink water after a workout to replenish your body and feel great.