5 Easy Ways to Plan your Workouts While Traveling During the Holidays

The easiest thing to do while traveling for the holidays is to forget about getting fit, and tricking yourself into believing that this weekend doesn’t count. This is going to take away from consistency and can eventually snowball into, “I’ll wait till January 1 to start over”. If you are serious about making big changes, make your workout a part of your holiday travels and busy schedules. We‘re here to help you make that decision a little bit easier with these 5 tips on how to plan your workouts.

5 Tips to Getting Fit During Your Holiday Travels By Planning Your Workouts:

  1. Focus on your goals. Think about why your working out and the goals you have in mind. Make them really specific. For example, do you want to be able to do 50 pushups in 1 minute? Maybe your goal is to fit into an old pair of jeans that you haven’t warn in years. Now take that goal and decide what how many workouts you want to try and complete and what they might even be. Our personal trainers are here to help you decide what workouts you will need to achieve any goal, if you need help.
  2. Choose a time to remind yourself of your workouts and goals. Aside from actually doing the workouts, staying in the mindset that you have a plan and that it can be accomplished with each workout will improve your capability of actually committing to them. Reminding yourself that your workouts will help you accomplish your fitness goals will keep you focused on what you have to lose if you skip it.
  3. Take in the Factor of Location and Space. As you travel, location and space can play a large role in your ability to complete your workout. We no longer have the excuse that we can’t workout at our in-laws house because you are allergic to the cat fur on the carpet. We are specially designed for custom workouts for each and every difficult geographical excuse. If you are planning to not wake the house, we have low impact workouts for you. For our low impact and “quite neighbor” workouts, we’ve removed the jumping but you will still be working hard, we promise.
  4. Don’t Forget to Pack Active-Wear. Packing can be a stressful part of traveling and believe it or not sometimes you just forget to bring that one thing you thought you couldn’t forget. Don’t forget a pair of sneakers and some workout clothes that you feel most confident in.
  5. Be Realistic. Be honest with yourself and don’t be too hard on yourself. Treat yourself like you would treat someone else that told you they wanted to stay active during the holiday season. Being way too harsh on them might scare them away from starting and being too lenient won’t actually help them reach their goals. Treat yourself the same and give yourself the same encouragement you would give a loved one. Having no excuses is not something that we are naturally born with. It is negotiating with your mind and turning “I can’t” into “I will”.

Enjoy your holiday travels with friends and family. We hope we help make your holiday workout planning a bit more simple.

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