5 Fall Recipes We Love

We love this time of year. The changing of seasons and schedules. A challenging workout followed by a delicious flavorful fall meal (and a #PSL) makes is all it takes to feel okay that beach days are no longer here. Even if you live where it doesn’t get cold, why not enjoy a fall meal to get into the spirit? Here are a few of our favorite recipe’s that fit the season.

1. Spicy Roasted Sweet Potato Salad

This salad doesn’t just look like fall it tastes delicious. We cranked up the spice with extra cayenne and even added a bit of lemon juice to the dressing. This salad is super healthy, which is also a bonus. Sarah successfully spiced up our fall!

2. Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

PC: Sandhya

We love anything with a kick to it so this fall staple soup is no exception. Sandhya is taking squash soup to a whole new level and we aren’t upset about it! We are looking forward to trying this for a chilly day.

3. Mini Brunch Party

PC: Gabi

What’s fall without an impromptu brunch party? In Gabi’s “Any Excuse to Party” series, Gabi is making it an easy task to host the yummiest brunch! We love these mini chicken and waffles that are screaming “eat me!” Don’t mind if we do.

4. Buffalo Cauliflower

PC: Gabrielle

What feels more fall in America than Sunday Night Football? When we think football, we think wings. When we don’t want to overload on fried food, we turn to these amazing buffalo cauliflower bites. Gabrielle gives us flavor with a crunch!

5. Fig & Prosciutto Naan Bread

PC: Tanya

We can’t deny that no workout will keep us from eating pizza and our favorite kind is made on naan bread. Add prosciutto and figs and we have a delicious combo that leaves our taste buds satisfied. It’s easy to make and looks beautiful! A perfect date night food for a cold night when going out is the last thing you want to do! Tanya knocked this one out of the flavors park.

Here at Sworkit, we love delicious food no matter the calories. We strive to live healthy lives but we also indulge in delicious flavors. We have the same motto when it comes to working out. Incremental indulgence balanced by exercise that fits your schedule. We hope you are having a happy fall season.

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