5 Minutes of Your Time: How and Why to Spread Your Workout Throughout the Day

You’re busy. Your life is packed full of activities: taking care of your kids, chores around the house, and work-related tasks. Finding a full thirty minutes or, even worse, an hour to work out can feel like the hardest thing you’ve done all day. What if, however, you tried 5 minutes of exercise at a time spread out through the day?

Fit your workout into your hectic schedule more easily. Five minutes here, five minutes there: you can come up with that, right? Large blocks of time might not be there, but you can adapt to five or ten minutes of exercise more easily. Even better, if something happens to derail your original plans, it’s easier to fit a short routine back in than it is to try to cram in an hour-long visit to the gym.

Five-minute workouts can work where you are. You don’t need a lot of expensive equipment. You won’t have to drive to the gym. Instead, you can work with your own body to build strength and endurance and burn calories.

You’ll get that great exercise boost several times throughout the day. There’s nothing quite like a workout for boosting your endorphin levels and lifting your mood. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long to wear off! When you fit in five minutes of exercise several times throughout the day, you’ll carry the high with you all day long.

You’ll be less likely to wear yourself out. No collapsing when you’re done. No eating everything in sight. Instead, you’ll fit in your five minutes, then get on with your regular schedule. It’s much less taxing on your body. You’ll be able to complete more reps and keep working longer, but without experiencing fatigue.

Spreading out your exercise leaves you with plenty of options. No, you’re not heading to the gym, with its abundance of equipment. You are, however, left with a number of effective options for staying in shape, getting your heart rate up, and building the muscle you need.

Go for a walk. You can take a brisk walk in the morning before work, one in the afternoon at lunch time, and one in the evening, when you get home. If you can fit in ten minutes each time, you’ve clocked thirty minutes of light exercise for the day.

Turn up the music and dance! If you have a young child at home with you, this is one of the most effective methods for fitting in exercise. Most kids will dance right along with you. Even little ones will be soothed by cuddling in your arms and rocking to the beat.

Fit in an interval. This Workout is a great place to start. Use your five minutes to get your heart rate up: jumping jacks, running in place or jumping rope would all work. Then, add in some strength exercises: push-ups, sit-ups, planks, burpees, or anything else you can fit in.

Choose a great mini-workout. There are plenty of workouts that are designed to fit into your existing schedule. In fact, many strength training routines are designed to be short, sweet, and simple: they can be completed on their own or mixed into a longer workout.

Pick a body part. Choose an area that you want to target, then go after it hard! You can plank it out for a core-toning workout: hold a plank, a reverse plank, and a side plank on each side, with breaks in between. You can target your legs with lunges. You can try burpees or push-ups to target your arms. In short, if you can drop down on the floor and do it, you can fit it into a five-minute workout!

Not everyone can disappear into the gym for thirty minutes to an hour. Even an at-home video takes a little effort and preparation. With a five-minute workout, however, you can blast through to your fitness goals in the time that’s available to you!

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