Caribbean Carnival: A cultural way of getting active and relieving stress

photo: Jim Monk

Everyone has a way of de-stressing. Stress is bad for the body and can lead to health problems. Finding your outlet for stress relief is important and can be different through the cultures with traditions that are passed down for centuries. This week we’d like to share the celebration of Carnival which literally translates “to put away meat,” and represents a beautiful gathering of people dancing, singing, eating, and honoring culture. This celebration has some of the most uplifting music that encourages no stress, and love of life. Check out our SOCA workout Spotify playlist here or below to hear how it can uplift you, too.

According to BBC, Important to Caribbean festival arts are the ancient African traditions of parading and moving in circles through villages wearing costumes and masks. Circling villages was believed to bring good fortune. The festival first originated in Rome preceding the fast of forty days of lent and was a celebration that lasted several days.

Today their are festivals all over the world, including most popular in the US, New Orleans Mardi Gras.

February 27th + 28th marks the day for many Carnivals in the world including: Guadeloupe, Dominica, New Orleans, Haiti, Martinique, Panama City, St.Martin, Trinidad & Tobago, Rio de Janiero, and the Dominica Republic.

Photo: Bob Curley

Kids join in on the fun, too! What a fun way to get kids active with this fun celebration.

Carnival is an exciting and fun way to relieve stress and appreciate culture and it’s a bonus that it is a great way to be active! You can listen to Soca and dance along as you Sworkit! If you’re going to Mardi Gras or one of the festivals share your photos with us, as we wish we were there with you.