Get the Most From Your Workouts as a Mother

Emily Grover admits, “being a full time mommy definitely leads to some interesting workout situations. I am no stranger to squatting while holding my little girl or fitting a workout in during our morning walk to the park.” We know she isn’t alone as many moms juggle the duties of motherhood while also working and trying to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Our children are the most important thing to us, but we shouldn’t neglect our health. For the days the gym seems a million miles away and the kids don’t want to leave your side, grab your sworkit fitness app and workout at home with these personalized workouts.

Custom Sworkit Workouts for Mom

  • Don’t wake baby: A workout that’s just intense enough, but won’t shake the whole house. Shh baby is sleeping!

Melissa’s Tip: Utilize nap time. When kids are safely sleeping that’s the best time to squeeze in a quick workout! On the flip side if the kiddos are awake, include them! Oliver and Charlie love trying my workouts and since they are so quickly moving (both the workouts & kiddos) they stay interested and feel challenged to copy what mommy is doing! Making it a great workout for me and fun for them to spend that time with me!

Melissa’s Tip: After having a baby doing just 1 sit up can be taxing. I loved SLOWLY progressing each day… every morning waking up and thinking “I wonder how many sit ups I can do today” was a thing I eventually started looking forward to! Make it a challenge and each day you’ll be able to complete more and more, making each sit up a huge victory and cause for celebration!

  • Baby Weight Be Gone: You’ve lost some weight but stubborn baby fat is the worst? Here is an intense workout that will make it all disappear!
  • Relaxing Yoga: Okay. We all need our alone time. Some time to think, stretch, and be one with yourself. Namaste.

Melissa’s Tip: Exercising releases endorphins and endorphins make us happy, with a new baby, sleep deprivation can take that happiness away SO getting in a quick workout can change the mood of your entire day! Knowing I would always be in a better mood after a workout was the best motivation!

Tips by Pilates Trainer, @Meg_Thrivebody, Meagan Fitzgerald:

“Swan and swimming are amazing for new moms as it helps open up the chest and front of the body. All the nursing/feeding and holding really does a number on our backs. I always say open the front and work the back while in those positions. Also the entire side leg series is great to bring awareness and strength back to the hips that have been so stretched out. The series is performed while laying on your side so you can keep your abs active & engaged without actually doing crunches. Tone the hips while increasing strength and flexibility. Be sure to keep shoulders out of ears and abdominals pulled “in and up”! Most importantly I want moms to realize how amazing their bodies are and not focus too much on weight loss in the beginning. Focus should be on healing and doing what feels best for their bodies.”

If you’re in Boston, take a class with Meagan Fitzgerald!

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