#JanuaryJourneys Dee + Last Week of the Lola Getts Giveaway🎉

Introducing Dee to our #JanuaryJourneys, the Lola Getts girl who inspires us to find the great things about living a healthier lifestyle. We are inspired by her honesty and dedication to her journey. Follow her on Instagram and watch her stories if you want to feel instantly motivated.

The number one question I get is “how do I stay motivated”? That feeling of being trapped in my own body when I was 400 plus pounds is embedded in my spirit. That feeling always hunts me. I realize I am not immune to being that size again and it takes a lot of hard work to be healthy but it is even harder work, living an unhealthy life. Once you get a true feeling for something as sweet as living a healthier lifestyle, feeling good about your self, wearing clothes you never thought you’d fit, crossing your legs, sitting in a chair with arms, being able to jog/run with ease, how could one not be loyal to something so rewarding to one self and life? A true gift, that is always giving.”

We’ve had such a wonderful month learning what it takes to start, how to stay motivated, and the benefits it’ll give you in life from the Lola Getts girls. We know we aren’t all athletes or grew up with fitness so we want to give everyone the option of starting.

Don’t forget to enter to win a $100 gift card to Lola Getts and a year of premium of Sworkit.